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Walnut Mug Peg

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  • A Walnut mug peg in unfinished walnut featuring a 5/8" long tenon and an overall length of 3 3/8".
  • Walnut shaker pegs with a side look.  This wood part features a unique profile combined with an elegant look.
  • Twelve walnut pegs in a row showing them side by side to see the dark walnut color, tenons, profiles and overall beauty.
  • These walnut pegs are ready to work for you.  The depth of color of walnut and consistency of craftsmanship shine throughout the pegs.


Walnut Mug Pegs

The Walnut Shaker Peg will add a touch of style to your next project. Match with the wood you are using or use a contrasting wood to make these Mug pegs stand out.

Made of excellent quality Walnut hardwood.

Walnut Mug Peg Specifications:

  • 3/4" diameter at the thickest point of the peg.
  • 3 3/8" overall length.
  • Tenon is 1/2" diameter.
  • Tenon Length is 5/8" long.
  • Mug Pegs are also available in Cherry, Maple and Walnut.
  • Each Mug peg is designed to snugly fit into a 1/2" hole.
  • Glue is recommended on the tenon of the Mug peg to strengthen the joint between the Mug peg and your project.
  • Package of 12.
  • Unfinished Prime American Walnut.

You'll find our walnut wood parts to be of outstanding quality and ready to assemble into your project.  These pegs will work for more than mugs too.  Hand up robes, caps and more.  Your imagination is what will hold you back from not using these.

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