Walnut Mug Peg

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Walnut Mug Peg

The Walnut Mug Peg will add a touch of style to your next project. Match with the wood you are using or use a contrasting wood to make these Mug pegs stand out.

Made of excellent quality Walnut hardwood.


Walnut Mug Peg Specifications:

  • 3/4" diameter at the thickest point x 3 3/8" long
  • Tenon is 1/2" diameter x 5/8" long
  • Mug Pegs are also available in
  • Cherry, Maple and Walnut.
  • Each Mug peg is designed to snugly fit into a 1/2" hole.
  • Glue is recommended on the tenon of the Mug peg to strengthen the joint between the Mug peg and your project.

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