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Whittlin Whistles

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Whittlin Whistles

Whittlin Whistles delivers details for quality time with the kids while you spark their creative interests. Learn to whittle a whistle while building childhood development skills with your children including 7 skill building projects. When whittling you'll be exposing your children to woodcarving and inspiring them to a life long interest that becomes personal and bonding. This is such an inexpensive craft, all you need is a pocket knife and some Willow, Bamboo, a piece of cane, fresh bark, or just a piece of wood to produce this fun filled craft. Use the simple step-by-step illustrations with full color photos and the knowledge of Rick Wiebe to create any of the seven different whistles. Whittling is fun for the whole family while learning to make your very own whistle. For Ages 9 and older.

Whittlin Whistles Book Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • 61 Pages.
  • Author: Rick Wiebe.
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