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Wildlife Carving in Relief 2nd Edition

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Wildlife Carving in Relief, 2nd Edition

by Lora S. Irish

 As woodcarvers we take inspiration from what's around us, and nature is one of the biggest influences from which we draw ideas. Some of us choose to focus on plant life, while others just can't' resist the lure of the animal kingdom.

If you are among those who get a buzz out of turning blanks of timber into reliefs of flying ducks or mischievous wolf cubs, then you will enjoy Wildlife Carving in Relief. Now in its second edition, this popular book has been revised and expanded to include new patterns and a useful gallery of wildlife reference photos.

Starting with understanding patterns, transferring to wood and carving cuts, Irish moves on to exploring special techniques such as features, hair and feathers, before providing a step-by-step illustration of a buffalo portrait. And then what follows are pages and pages of patterns and illustrations of a variety of animals such as a red fox, a bear catching salmon, fighting rams, howling wolf, and a beautiful scene of a woodland gathering. Special section on finishing touches with woodburning and finishes with danish oil, wood stain,and dry brushing.
The wildlife carver certainly has much to draw inspiration from. This is an excellent book filled with carving techniques and patterns for all types of carvers including the beginner or advanced.

 Here Are A Few Wildlife Carving In Relief Patterns:

  • Antique-style Buck.
  • Moose Portrait.
  • Native Spirit with Eagle Head.
  • Ready To Strike Mountain Lion Portrait.
  • Spirit Totem.
  • The Great Escape.
  • Poised for Action.
  • Nut Hunt.
  • Autumn Challenge.
  • No Vacancies with Birds in Trees.
  • Look Out Post with Owl on Fence Post.
  • Watchful Eye.
  • Standing Firm Elk, with Wolves Surrounding.
  • Fishing Bear with Salmon in Mouth.
  • Turkey in Full Display.
  • Wild Spirit with Three Horse Heads. 
  • Mountain Lion.

Wildlife Carving in Relief Book Specifications:

  • Softcover.
  • 175 Pages.
  • Author, Lora S, Irish
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