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Wood Axle Peg 1 1/4"

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Package Quantity:
  • A wood peg standing upright showing the entire length of the peg.
  • A group of axle pegs like you might purchase in a package of axle pegs.
  • looking down on a 1 1/4" axle peg showing the top of the head of the wooden peg.
  • A Side view of the axle peg showing the tenon and head of the peg.
  • Several 1 1/4" axle pegs in a pile showing the symmetry
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1 1/4" Wood Axle Pegs are the perfect size for a wide variety of toys, including cars, trucks, trains, and more. The pegs are made of high-quality hardwood, and they're designed for durability and long-term use.

Most importantly, the pegs are the perfect size for most toy wheels. The pegs fit snugly into the holes in the wheels, and they help to keep the wheels in place while the toy is in motion.

As a result, 1 1/4" Wood Axle Pegs are an essential part of any toy-maker's toolkit.

1 1/4" Wood Axle Pegs are perfect for all your toy making needs. The wood wheels will rotate on the pegs, allowing your wheels to turn.

Wood Axle Peg 1 1/4" Specifications:

  • 1 1/4" Total Length.
  • The tenon diameter is 7/32".
  • The tenon length is 1 1/16" long.
  • The diameter of the cap on top of the tenon is 3/8".
  • Fits in a 1/4" hole.
  • They come in a package of 20.

Wood toys are a wonderful way to introduce children to the joys of crafting and creating beautiful objects. They also have the added benefit of being non-toxic, which is important for keeping children safe from harmful chemicals.

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Order some axle pegs now and get your project rolling! (pun intended)


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8 Reviews

  • 5

    good wheels.

  • 5
    Axle peg

    Fit the wheels I ordered perfectly

  • 5
    Axle pegs

    I have purchased hundreds and hundreds to these pegs over the years. The quality is always consistent and Cherry Tree always ships quickly.

  • 5
    Excellent product

    I have been ordering these axle pegs from Cherry Tree for several years, and have used thousands of them during that time. These pegs are essential to a number of products that I make and sell, and I can count on them always meeting the specifications.

  • 5

    just right

  • 5

    Works good for wooden toys I make.

  • 5
    Good product

    These axles are very good quality

  • 5
    Wood Axle Peg 1 1/4"

    This is my go to axle for the majority of my wooden vehicles. It is very sturdy and has lasted nearly 8 years in some of my vehicles!

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