Wooden Axle Peg 13/16"

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Wooden Axle Peg 13/16"

Use our Wood Axle Pegs for all your toy making needs.

Great for using as an axle on toys, simply thread through a wood wheel and glue into a hole that you have

pre-drilled for the axle pegs. The wood wheel will rotate on the peg, allowing your wheels to turn.

  • 13/16" Total Length
  • 5/32" Tenon
  • 11/16" Tenon Length
  • 5/16" Diameter Cap
  • Package of 50

Wooden Axle Peg 13/16" Suggestions:

The Wooden Axle Peg 13/16" will work great with the following items that have been tested by the staff at Cherry Tree Toys.

  • Wood Toy Oil (Finish your projects with toy oil for a non toxic finish)