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  • A black Colwood Floyd Scholz Comfort Band is laid out completely flat and the other one is folded in half. There is also a view of it on a person's forearm.

    Colwood Floyd Scholz Comfort Band

    Colwood Electronics

    Introducing the Comfort Band for Woodburning! This valuable accessory greatly reduces the possibility of muscle strain, tendonitis, and carpal tunnel by providing a soft, comfortable surface to rest...
  • A flatbed trailer wood model completed from the woodworking pattern.

    Flatbed Trailer Wood Toy Plan

    Gatto Plan Supply

    This woodworking project is the perfect way to combine your love of woodworking with your love of machinery. The Flatbed wood model toy plan was designed to haul the backhoe/loader and be pulled by...
  • A wooden model of the finished The Bug Wood Model Car Plan.

    The Bug Wood Model Car Plan

    Gatto Plan Supply

    Looking for something fun and creative to do with the kids? The Bug Wood Model Car Plan is the perfect activity! Scroll sawing the Bug car is the perfect project for anyone interested in making...