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Basic Whirligig Hardware Kit

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  • The parts included in the basic whirligig hardware kit.
  • brass parts, stainless parts and wood parts for the basic whirligig hardware kit.

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Building a whirligig with a basic whirligig hardware kit is not only a fun project but also an engaging way to add character to your outdoor space. The kit includes essential components like Propellor hubs and other parts made of brass and stainless steel, which are known for their durability and resistance to rust.

To start building your whirligig, first, gather all necessary tools and materials.  If you have a plan to follow, it makes it a whole lot easier.   The wings are usually set on each side of the whirligig's body and comprised of 5/32" marine grade plywood.  The hubs are made to give the plywood a pretty tight fit.  You may need to sand to slide the plywood into the hub.  The wings should not be forced into the hub. The wings in place and then use nails through the hub and wings to further secure them. The wind can be strong.  Each whirligig requires a clockwise and counter clockwise propellor hub which are included.  

The kit includes a pair of 1/4" tenon-fitted eyes, which can be used as an option. However, you might need to slightly alter your pattern to use them or source the eyes from elsewhere.

What's included in a Basic Whirligig Hardware Kit?

  • A pair of wooden eyes with a 1/4" tenon.
  • Nails to nail the wings in the propellor hubs.
  • Stainless pivot bearing.
  • A brass pivot tube.
  • Stainless pivot nail for mounting your whirligig.
  • Brass Propellor tubes, Brass screws & brass washers to attach the wing assemblies to the body of the whirligig.
  • Clockwise and counter clockwise propellor hubs.
  • 3/4" Center Dowel. (This dowel goes through the body and the wing assemblies are mounted on it.

The beauty of using a basic whirligig hardware kit lies in its flexibility. You can customize your whirligig to match your aesthetic preferences and the overall design of your outdoor space.

What sets this kit apart is the inclusion of brass and stainless steel parts. These materials are excellent for outdoor use as they are highly resistant to rust. This means your whirligig will retain its charm and functionality for years, even when exposed to varying weather conditions.

Building a whirligig with a basic hardware kit is a rewarding DIY project. The resulting whirligig serves as an enchanting addition to your garden or yard, and the sturdy, rust-resistant materials ensure it remains a long-lasting centerpiece.

Get a whirligig pattern and get started building a whirligig today! 

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