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Basswood Clown

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0.30 LBS
  • A basswood clown style turning.
  • A basswood turning on its side.
  • A basswood turning larger on the bottom with a hat like top.
  • A wooden turning for carving.


Basswood clown turnings are an amazing way to express your creativity and passion for carving!

With so many possibilities, the perfect project can be yours! Start with a basic blank and visualize what you want it to become.

Unleash your imagination, get out your carving tools, and start sculpting something unique to you. You will amaze yourself with the fine details that create a wonderful piece of art that is sure to keep people entertained for hours.

Be creative and have fun! A well-carved basswood clown turning has the potential to bring delight wherever it goes.

Basswood Clown Turning Specs:

  • About 3" in diameter at the largest point.
  • A total height of 6 3/4".
  • Unfinished.
  • Made of premium American basswood.
  • Made in the USA.

This turning is featured in Kelley Stadelman's book: Christmas Carvings from Commercial Turnings.

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