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Kryshak Carving Tools Acquires OCC Tools

Kryshak Carving Tools Acquires OCC Tools

The acquisition of OCC Tools by Kryshak Carving Tools marks a new era for both companies. With the retirement of Mike Shipley, knife maker John Kryshak has stepped in to continue the legacy of high-quality carving gouges and knives.

Made in the USA with the finest knife making steel available, these tools are sure to meet and exceed the expectations set by their predecessor.

Whether you're a professional wood carver or just embarking on your hobby, this carver's collection has the knife or gouge for you and your carving projects. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality, these carving tools are sure to bring your projects to the next level.

OCC Wood Carving Knives

A Little Bit about OCC

We are excited about this new chapter for OCC Tools. Sherry and Mike Shipley have hand crafted some of the best pre-sharpened knives for wood carving available today/. Their workmanship has been second to none.

Mike at OCC Tools is known for his skill in creating pre-sharpened knives that are not only durable but also exude excellent workmanship. The sharpness of the knife blade along with a great edge allows for smooth carving, while the durability ensures they can handle even the toughest materials. Mike has handed these skills down to John to continue the art of knife making in the OCC tradition.

Beyond strength and effectiveness, these knives also have a beautiful design that showcases Mike's attention to detail and mastery of craftsmanship.

Whether you are a professional artist or simply enjoy carving as a hobby, these knives are an excellent choice for any carving enthusiast. Most people start carving their best with OCC tools.

Not only will they perform flawlessly, but their high quality construction means they will last for many years to come. In short, Mike at OCC Tools has truly outdone himself with these pre-sharpened knives.

When it comes to carving, the right tools can make a major difference in the final product. OCC has made durable gouges and knives with a great edge to help you carve.

With the OCC Tools selection, you can find the ideal knife that is pre-sharpened and ready to carve. If you need a straight blade knife, a long blade knife, or anything in between OCC Tools has it.

The knives' ergonomic handles provide comfort during extended use, preventing hand strain and fatigue. The blades are hand crafted from high-quality steel for durability and sharpness, and they come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different tasks like relief carving.

Knife Making in Retirement

Mike will continue to make a small subset of his knives in retirement. Those knives will still be available under the OCC name.

For those looking to achieve precision in their woodworking or woodcarving projects, OCC tools and knives are a top choice and now under the brand name of Kryshak Carving Tools (KCT).

Nov 03, 2022 Cherry Tree Toys

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