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Butternut Hen Egg on Pedestal

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0.22 LBS
  • A Butternut Egg on a Pedestal.
  • A butternut egg turning lying on its side with the top towards you.
  • A Butternut Egg turning standing on the inclusive pedestal.
  • A full side profile of a butternut egg turning on a pedestal.
  • looking slight downward onto a butternut egg turning.


Transform a Butternut Hen Egg on Pedestal into all kinds of delightful characters, each with their own personalities.  These eggs can be carved as just the head or with whole bodies.

 Carving Butternut Eggs are perfect for the smaller carving projects for people who are traveling or just looking for an enjoyable project that's fun and challenging.

 The butternut egg is unfinished with a flat bottom pedestal.  They can be carved, painted, stained, wood-burned, add jewels, or coloring and dye for egg décor that's totally personalized.  Bring your egg to life with your own creative creations!

Butternut Hen Egg on Pedestal Specifications:

  • Egg with pedestal - 3.42 inches long.
  • Egg without the pedestal - 2.82 inches long.
  • Eggs widest diameter -  2.03 inches wide.
  • Pedestal Diameter - 1.66 inches around.
  • Made in the USA.
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