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CeramCut Blue Stone 3/16"Ball Nose Burr

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The Ceramcut Blue Stone is a great option for wood and metal work. Ball nose burrs could benefit from switching to this stone which helps give added texture and detail to ceramic, glass, plastic and more.

This stone is composed of aluminum oxide and ceramic providing an aggressive abrasive grain that cuts faster than other stones and will last 3-5 times longer. It is superior to silicone carbides or standard aluminum oxide stones so you can get your job done with high precision and accuracy.

Plus, it's compatible with the Foredom, Dremel and many other rotary power tools in the market. Make sure you upgrade to a Ceramcut blue stone - it's worth it!

CeramCut Blue Stone is an excellent solution for all your cutting and grinding projects. Not only will CeramCut Blue Stone easily cut through wood and porcelain, but it can also effectively be used to manipulate steel alloys, chrome, cobalt, titanium, platinum and other ferrous metals. CeramCut Blue Stone is designed with performance in mind; you'll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently CeramCut Blue Stone can transform any project from start to finish.

CeramCut Blue Stone 3/16"Ball Nose BurrSpecifications:

  • 3/16" diameter head x 1/2" long stone
  • 120 grit.
  • 3/32" Shank.
  • Total length of ball nose stone including shank 1 15/16".
  • Non contaminating.
  • Non-impregnating.
  • Maximum Speed of 45,000 rpm.
  • Made in the USA.
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