Chicken and Worm Whirligig Plan

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Chicken & Worm Whirligig Plan

Watch the chicken go after the worm when the wind blows!

This great whirligig will be fun to watch and is sure to attract attention.

This easy-to-do whirligig is easily accomplished by any skill level woodworker.

Chicken & Worm Whirligig Specifications:

  • The finished whirligig is about 21" long and 13" high.
  • Use of hardwood or plywood in thickness ranging from 1/8 (5/32") to 3/4" is required.
  • We recommend our 1/8" birch marine grade plywood for the propeller blades.
  • The plan is full size.

To complete the Chicken & Worm whirligig, you will need whirligig parts to include specialty parts like a drive shaft wire.  All the hardware parts are included in our parts kit for the Chicken & Worm Whirligig. Most of these parts are either brass or stainless to compete with the outdoor weather.  We also include the 4 blade round propeller in the parts kit.  No other lumber is included in that kit.

You may also opt for the Chicken & Worm Ready to Assemble kit.  This kit includes the whirligig plan, the hardware kit and all the lumber cut for you.  You'll need to do some minor sanding, glue, screw and assemble the whirligig per the instructions and finish the Chicken and worm whirligig however you desire.  The whirligig plan does give you an idea of colors that you may want to follow.  For best results, we recommend applying a protective clear coat over your paint.

Plans are non returnable.