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Fine Round Nose Reverse Taper Carbide Bur

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Are you tired of struggling to reach those hard-to-get spots while you're working on your next woodworking project? The Fine Round Nose Reverse Taper Carbide Bur is here to save the day!

This versatile tool is perfect for creating feather barbules and hair with its ability to access even the most angled areas. The high durability of this carbide bur means you'll be able to use it for a long time, making it nearly as durable as carbide-point bits.

You'll love that it can work with wood, acrylic, plaster, and fiberglass, making it incredibly useful for a variety of projects. And if you're in need of some rough carving, the 3/32-diameter shafts on these bits can get the job done in a snap.

The Fine Round Nose Reverse Taper Carbide Bur may not sound like the most exciting tool, but it's certainly impressive. This bur boasts a bottom diameter of 3.9mm that skillfully tapers up to 5.8mm.

That's quite the range! With a total head length of 12.25mm, this bur really has size on its side. And let's not forget about its shank size, which measures a solid 3/32.

All in all, this little guy packs a punch - don't let its small size fool you. At a total length of 51.8mm, it's a reliable tool in any professional's kit.

 Fine Round Nose Reverse Taper Carbide Bur Specifications

  • The Fine Round Nose Reverse Taper Carbide Bur is 5.25mm at the bottom of the burr and 6.25 at the top.
  • Its length is 12.25mm in length and has a 3/32 shank size.
  • The total length including the shank is 51.8mm.

Bur Maintenance

Maintaining your burs is essential to ensure they remain sharp, efficient and work optimally. One of the easiest things you can do to maintain your burs is to store them safely in a holder or box.

This prevents them from knocking into one another and becoming damaged. When using your burs, apply just enough pressure to get the job done without burning the bits. Overheating them can cause them to become brittle and snap.

Cleaning your carbide-point bits with a brass brush will prevent them from  clogging, while a wet white stick can be used to clean diamond bits. A neoprene rubber bar works wonders in removing dust from ruby bits, stones, and sanding discs.

Lastly, a diamond hone or dressing stone can reshape and clean stones for optimal performance. With a little care and attention, your burs will last longer and perform better, saving you time and money in the long run.

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