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Flexcut Scraper Set

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Flexcut Scraper Set

 The Flexcut Scraper Set can be used on a wide variety of unwanted materials. These profile scrapers will remove uneven surfaces or paint and varnish from your projects without using sandpaper. These Flexcut scrapers are ground square from the factory. They cut right from the package, yet the surface finish can be improved with a burnisher. Flexcut Scraper Set is made in the USA from spring steel. Works great for smoothing out the  gouge marks on long convex-curved surfaces or taking off the high ridges. Power Handle not included but can be used with any of the Flexcut  SK interchangeable handles. 

Flexcut Scraper Set Removes: 

  • Rough and coarse debris from carving project.
  • Ripple marks from moulding.
  • Excess glue in those tight hard to reach areas.
  • Paint or other types of finishes.
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