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Foredom 1/8" Carbide Cone Burr

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  • Foredom 1/8" Carbide Cone Burr
  • Foredom 1/8" Carbide Cone Burr


Having the correct tool for the job can be the difference between successful and unsuccessful projects. When it comes to wood carving, choosing the right tools is especially important.

If you are looking for a reliable wood carving tool option, consider investing in Foredom 1/8" Carbide Cone Burr which tungsten carbide burs with standard flutes are used for easy material removal and leave a smooth finish.

This tool is ideal for use on hardwood and most metals including stainless steel, steel alloys, cast iron, etc., with an 1/8″ shank, 1/8" ball diameter and a 100,000 RPM max speed.

With its high speed capabilities and easy material removal, upgrading your wood carving arsenal with the Foredom 1/8" Carbide Ball Burr makes perfect sense.

Foredom 1/8" Carbide Cone Burr Specifications:

  • The diameter of the cone is 1/8 inch
  • It is 5/8 inch long
  • The shank size is 1/8 inch.
  • This is a tungsten carbide burr
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