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Hard Arkansas Slip Stone - 4 X 1 1/4

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Naturally formed from a mineral called Novaculite, the Arkansas stone is considered to be one of the best sharpening stones. This stone does an outstanding job of putting the final edge on your tools. Due to the unique crystalline structure these stones polish as they sharpen.

Either water or oil lubricant must be used when sharpening on these stones to prevent glazing. Simply wipe clean after each use. The Arkansas Slip Stones are an excellent choice for razor sharp knives.

When storing the The Arkansas stone it is extremely important to store it in a wooden box. It's a good idea to keep them enclosed in the containers, especially if your keeping them in the workshop where wood dust can become a problem. Wood particles can clog the the surface of the stone and reduce the sharpening efficiency. You can just store the stone in a plastic container without damaging them. Never allow your Sharpening stones to freeze, it will crack or permanently break them.

Hard Arkansas Slip Stone Specifications:

  • 4 X 1 1/4  Tapered 1/16.
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