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Locomotive Clock Pattern

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Introducing the Locomotive Pattern: A Timeless Marvel of Engineering

The Locomotive Pattern is not just a piece of history; it is a testament to the ingenuity and craftsmanship of the past. This remarkable creation stands as a symbol of progress, revolutionizing transportation and paving the way for the modern world we know today. With its intricate design and powerful capabilities, the Locomotive has captivated imaginations for generations.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, this pattern showcases the beauty of locomotive engineering. From its imposing frame to the delicate detailing of its components, every part of the Locomotive has been carefully crafted to bring out the essence of this iconic machine. The combination of precision and artistry is evident in every curve and contour, ensuring an awe-inspiring experience for all who lay their eyes upon it.

The Locomotive is a real challenge.

Finished Locomotive Clock Specifications

  • 14 inches long x 8 inches high x 4 inches wide.

Suggested components:

  • A Mini Quartz Movement with a 7/16" max dial thickness and a 5/8" threaded shaft length
  • 3 3/8" dial,
  • 1 3/8" hour and minute hands.

Out of plywood: - 1/4 Thick  & 1/8 Thick

Out of hardwood: -1/4 Thick material

      • 1 Board 4 wide
      • 2 Boards 6 wide
      • 1/8 Thick material
      • 1 Board 6 wide
      • If you want contrasting wood around the dial you will need 1 additional 1/8" thick board 6" wide.

Whether you are a collector, a history buff, or simply someone with a passion for engineering, the Pattern offers a unique opportunity to own a piece of history. As you marvel at its intricacies, you can almost hear the rhythmic chugging and feel the power of this magnificent machine. It serves as a reminder of the progress we have made and the technological advancements that continue to shape our world.

It also serves as a valuable educational tool. Schools, museums, and enthusiasts can utilize this pattern to educate and inspire future generations about the wonders of steam-powered locomotion. By providing a tangible representation of this pivotal period in history, the pattern allows individuals to delve into the past and gain a deeper understanding of the innovations that have shaped our present.

Beyond its historical significance, the Locomotive clock also serves as a stunning display piece. Its elegant design and intricate detailing make it a captivating addition to any space. Whether showcased in a collector's cabinet, a museum exhibit, or even as a centerpiece in a living room, this pattern is sure to draw attention and spark conversations.

In conclusion, the Locomotive Steam Engine Pattern is a masterpiece of engineering and artistry. Its intricate design, historical significance, and functional intricacies make it a remarkable creation that appeals to enthusiasts, collectors, and history buffs alike. As we look back at the pioneering era of locomotion, this pattern stands as a tribute to human innovation and serves as a reminder of the remarkable progress we have made.

Please note that this plan does not include any materials or components.

This is a full size pattern for both beginners and seasoned craftsmen alike.

Please be aware that all plans are non-refundable.

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