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Parlor Cabinet Scroll Saw Plan

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  • A front profile of the finished  Scroll Saw Parlor Cabinet with red mirror plastic behind the design on the lower doors.
  •  A paper copy of the Parlor Cabinet Scroll Saw Plan showing part of the instructions.
  • Wildwood Designs Parlor Cabinet made in oak and maple with a dark background.
  • A front side profile of the  Parlor Cabinet showing all the scroll sawn details.


Parlor Cabinet Scroll Saw Plan

The Parlor Cabinet scroll saw plan is an advanced scroll sawing pattern that combines woodworking and scroll saw skills.  You will need the ability to cut, fit and assemble this piece of scroll sawn furniture.  Remember to always start with the base and work up.  Cut your material and dry fit it first, scroll it, then do your final assembly.  If your assembly isn't perfect, you may need to make adjustments to your drawers and doors which should be the last thing you do.  This is a great piece of furniture that was originally part of the HL Wild collection.  The final pattern has been drawn and made from the drawing.  

The total dimensions of the finished parlor cabinet are:  63 inches high x 25 inches wide x 10 inches Deep.

This is a full size scroll saw plan that you can use to create this scroll saw parlor cabinet.  The parlor cabinet scroll saw plans consist of five sheets of  (24" x 36") paper.

Supplies you will need to make the Parlor Cabinet:

  • Molding.
  • Door & Drawer Pulls.
  • Hinges.
  • Glue.
  • Lumber. 
    • 20- 3/8 inch x 4 inch x 24 inch boards.
    • 20- 3/8 inch x 6 inch x 24 inch boards if gluing boards for full width.
    • 3/8 inch material for 4-25 inch floors and some false plates.
    • 1-  3/8 inch x 48 inch x 36 inch plywood for backs.

Tools you'll need to complete this scroll saw project:

  • Table Saw.
  • Scroll saw, laser or cnc.
  • Clamps.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Air nailer.
  • Basic woodworking tools like a tape measure.


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Due to their nature, patterns are non-returnable. No technical support is included with the purchase of this item. The buyer acknowledges that they have basic woodworking skills or plan to consult other resources, like woodworking classes, books and videos.
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