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Razertip #20 Fish Full-Scale Flat Curve Tip

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 If your looking to create fish scales for your woodburning project then the Razertip Fish Full-Scale Flat Curve Pyrography Tip is the perfect pyrography tool for you.

This fish scale tip is great for quickly and easily adding ornate scales to your woodworking projects. With each depression of the tip, a wide, full scale is outlined with a flat curve, pushing down the wood behind the scale and leaving a clean, raised scale of uniform size.

 Razertip #20 Fish Full-Scale Flat Curve Tip

  • 8mm - 0.3150" - more than 5/16")
  • 7mm- (0.2756" - more than 17/64") 
  • 6mm - (0.2362" - more than 15/64")
  • 5mm -  (0.1969" - more than 3/16")
  • 4mm - (0.1575" - more than 5/32")
  • 3mm - (0.1181" - more than 7/64")
  • 2mm - (0.0787" - more than 5/64")
  • 1mm -  (0.0394" - less than 3/64")

These Razertip Fish Full-Scale Flat Curve Pyrography Tips require the BPH Interchangeable tip handle and a Razertip woodburner. The Razertip Binding Post Interchangeable wood-burning pen is cooler on your fingers than any other interchangeable-tip handpiece, and it's built to last a lifetime.

Please note: These tips are designed to be used with the Razertip BPH interchangeable handle.  Simply slide the end of the tip wires into the handle and tighten with the two slotted screws (BPH Handle sold separately).

Please choose the size of the fish scale tip you would like.

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