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Razertip BPH Interchangeable Tip Woodburning Pen

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  • The Razertip BPH Interchangeable Tip wood burning pen showing the connection on the bottom and the pen handle and the attachment area toward the top with a wire in the interchangeable area.
  • A close-up of the Interchangeable tip of the Razertip BPH Pen with a wire burning tip inserted.
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The Razertip BPH Interchangeable Tip Pen is a must-have for anyone who uses a Razertip® wood burner.

The BPH allows you to use wire tips on your Razertip® burner, and the Stainless steel screw and plates make it easy to fasten tips securely.

This results in excellent electrical and mechanical contact, and the BPH is also much more affordable than buying an expensive tip with a special molded plug.

The BPH is also great for precision work, as the tips are rigid and require little force to remove. Overall, the Razertip BPH is an essential tool for anyone who uses a wood burner.

What's Included when you get a BPH Pen?

  1. You get the heavy-duty vented pen with two tip legs on the top. The legs each have a screw.
  2. One general tip wire is included with the BPH pen. It is installed on the pen and ready to use.
  3. There is a small set of instructions explaining use and cleaning of the pen.

Features of the Razertip Replaceable Woodburning Pen:

The BPH pen allows you to use several different tips with one pen, keeping expenses down.

Changing tips is simple. Loosen the two stainless steel screws at the top of the pen, slide the old tip out and slide the new tip-in. There are dimples on the metal that hold the tips in place while you tighten the screws.

The Razertip BPH has an exclusive corrugated pen barrel, with more surface area for better cooling. The Razertip BPH also has less direct contact between the pen body and the foam grip, which means a cooler operation.

Razertip Industries is always striving to bring woodworkers the best possible tools. The Razertip BPH pen is no exception. Using the most advanced temperature resistant resins available today, this pen is built to provide years of dependable service.

The tapered rear pen body provides a comfortable grip and the precision tips give you the utmost control over your work. Razertip has put a lot of design and engineering into this pen and it shows. If you're looking for a top-of-the-line woodburning tool, look no further than the Razertip BPH pen.

The BPH is the best way to get parallel lines or faster texturing. All you need is two tips and a heavy-duty cord. You can either use the BPH for one tip or two tips.

When using two tips, you will need a higher heat setting. You will see perfect results immediately. There is no need to worry about uneven lines or textures. The BPH is the perfect tool for anyone who wants to add special touches to their woodburning projects.

The Razertip BPH Interchangeable Tip Woodburning Pen is a great tool for woodworkers of all levels. It features a wide variety of tips that can be swapped out quickly and easily, making it ideal for trying new techniques or working with special tips that you may not use very often. With its easy-to-use design and versatile functionality, the Razertip BPH Interchangeable Tip Woodburning Pen is a great addition to any woodworker's toolkit.

What You Need to Make this Woodburning Pen Work

While the Razertip Interchangeable Tip Pen seems like a dream come true, you do need a couple of things to make it work.

  • You'll need a wood-burning unit, of course, we prefer a Razertip burner but if you have another brand that accepts RCA or 1/4" phono plugs, you can add an adapter to one of those units.
  • The handpiece does not come with a cord, if you don't have one with your unit, you'll need a heavy-duty cord.
  • While the one replaceable wire tip will get you started, be sure to stock up on tips to do a multitude of projects. There is everything from shading and writing tips to fish scales and feather formers.

The Razertip BPH Interchangeable Tip Woodburning Pen is one of the best wood-burning pens on the market. It's cool on your fingers, thanks to the robust ceramic ends, and it's built to last a lifetime.

The increased ventilation located at the front, middle, and back of the pen means that you'll never have to worry about your pen overheating.

And, because it's an interchangeable tip pen, you can always swap out the tips to get different effects.

Whether you're a beginner or an experienced wood burner, the Razertip BPH Interchangeable Tip Woodburning Pen is a great choice.

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Warranty Information

All Razertip pyrography pens carry a full one year unconditional warranty (including fixed tips). Even if you drop your pen and break the tip - it is covered!
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