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Razertip Extra Flexible Adaptor Cord

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The Razertip cord is the best way to transfer heat from your wood-burning unit directly to your wood burning pen. The cord is 18 gauge and 39 inches long, so it will reach any spot on your work surface. The cord is also flexible, so you can easily maneuver it around obstacles. The Razertip cord is the most efficient way to transfer heat from your wood-burning unit to your wood-burning pen.

Razertip handpiece cords are built to withstand constant flexing and provide a perfect connection between the pen and the power supply.

The cord is made of high-quality materials that can handle up to 20 amps of current. With its durable construction, the cord is designed to last for hours of use.

Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pyrographer, Razertip handpiece cords are the perfect choice for your pyrographic needs. There is a unique flexible strain relief behind the plug that spreads the flexing of the cord over a large area guaranteeing many years of dependable service.

What's Included when I buy a cord?

  1. The Cord is 39" long with RCA male connector on one end and two U Connectors on the other end.
  2. The Flexible cord is designated by the black ends on each of the plugs.

Razertip Flexible Cord Features

  • RCA connectors are among the toughest and most reliable on the market. They are precision-machined to tight tolerances and then carefully inspected, fitted, and electrically reinforced. In other words, they are made to handle the current and tugging like no other plug. Then they install a unique flexible strain relief behind the plug. The strain relief spreads the flexing of the cord over a larger area, assuring many years of dependable service. Whether you're in your home theater or on your boat, you can count on RCA connectors to give you the best possible connection. In this case, you're depending on them for an even and clean burn.
  • When it comes to wood burner cords, there are a lot of options on the market. But if you're looking for maximum flexibility, you'll want to choose a cord with an "FL" rating. These cords use an 18-gauge wire, which is thinner and more flexible than the standard 16-gauge wire. This makes them ideal for applications where you need to maneuver the cord around tight corners or through difficult spaces. And because they're thinner, they're also lighter weight and easier to handle. So if you need a cord that can handle any job, big or small, be sure to choose an "FL" rated Razertip cord.

What Wood Burners will this cord work on?

This cord is designed to attach Razertip Pens to Colwood woodburning units.

The cord will work on any of the Razertip Pens but is recommended to use the heavy-duty cord for the heavy-duty pens and feather former pens and tips.

Razertip Extra Flexible Adaptor Cord Specifications

  • Super Flexible Adaptor Cord.
  • 39" Long.
  • 18 Gauge.
  • 1- RCA Male Connector.
  • 2- U Connectors (Lugs).
  • Precision Machined.
  • Fitted.
  • Electrically Reinforced.

Whether you're a professional artist or a beginner, this cord will help you get the most out of your burning experience. Order yours today! 

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