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Razertip Heavy Duty Chisel Woodburning Tip

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  • This is a view of the metal heavy duty chisel woodburning tip showing the width on the straight edge.
  • Shown in this photo is a view of the medium size chisel wood burning tip for an interchangeable pen.
  • This is a small chisel tip for a Razertip woodburning pen with a straght edge on the end of the tip.


The Razertip Chisel Pyrography Tip can be used for standard fine detailing and repetitive lines and markings. These Razertip large tips can also be bent for curved stamped shapes.

Razertip Chisel Pyrography Tip can be used in two different ways. One is to use the edge of the tip back towards yourself. This movement will shorten the stroke. The other way to use the Chisel is a long sweeping motion of moving your hand sideways. You will develop a rhythm for consistent overlapping of lines with the sideways motion.

These interchangeable pyrography tips should be used with the Binding post interchangeable pen. There are so many features on the Binding Post Interchangeable pens such as front, mid-body ventilated ports, corrugated front pen body, comfy foam grips, and advanced polymer construction.

Razertip sharpens the tips making them razor-sharp, then polishes them so they glide through your wood burning projects. These pyrography tools are the toughest hot wire pens on the market and are capable of burning up to 120 lines per inch straight out of the package. 

Razertip Chisel Pyrography Tip Choices:

  • Heavy Duty Small
  • Heavy-Duty Medium.
  • Heavy Duty Large.

Chisel woodburning tips are an essential part of pyrography, which is the art of drawing or writing on surfaces with a heated object. Chisel tips are perfect for general work such as lettering and basic designs, and they're great for starting and stopping lines.




You will need a Razertip Woodburner and a BPH Interchangeable handle to use these tips

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