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Razertip Pyrography Bird Carver's Heavy Duty Tip Set

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This pyrography set is the perfect way to challenge yourself and unleash your creativity. With a variety of tips to choose from, you'll be able to carve intricate designs into wood with ease and add a touch of personality to any project. Woodburning is a great way to be creative and challenge yourself.

Razertip Pyrography Bird Carver's Heavy Duty Tip Set

The Heavy Duty Small Skew is a general use tip for pyrography, cutting, and fine detail. This is a very versatile tip, especially for small work. 

A Heavy Duty Medium Round is ideal for general pyrography fine detail on flat or medium concave surfaces. 

The Heavy Duty Medium Flat Skew is a medium flat skew for general detail work. It allows you to work more directly above your work.

The Heavy Duty Medium Spear is popular for general pyrography, feathering, hair detailing, and embellishing or decorating wood turnings. 

These Heavy Duty Small Round Skew and the Large Round Skew are used for extremely fine detail in confined areas.It is great for fine detail on feathers or hair on sculpted or "bumped" surfaces. They are popular with more advanced bird and animal carvers. 

A Heavy Duty Burnisher is for burnishing, and for fine, wrinkle-like details on wood, paper, and much more. This is useful for wrinkles on duckbills. 

The Heavy Duty Writing tip is a standard writing tip, used much like a ball-point pen for writing, and signing. It yields a line approx. 1/32 - 1/16 inch wide, depending on heat setting and material. 

Using the Pyrography Bird Carver's Heavy Duty Tip Set

First, you'll need a Razertip wood burning unit. 

Second, you'll need a BPH Interchangeable Handle. The handle excepts a variety of tip sizes and shapes, so you can create different effects and lines. 

Finally, make sure you have a heavy-duty cord; you'll need it to use the scale tips.  With these tips in mind, you're ready to start wood burning!


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