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Razertip Pyrography Bird Carver's Micro Tip Set

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Our Pyrography Bird Carver's Tip Set is perfect for anyone who loves woodburning! This inclusive kit includes all the tips you need to get started with this fun, creative hobby.

The bird carver's micro woodburning tip set is a great way to add details and character to your bird carvings. The tips are very small, so you can get into tight spots with ease. They also heat up quickly, so you can add color and highlights to your carvings without having to wait long.

What's in the  Bird Carver's Micro Tip Set?

  • Bird Carver's Micro Tips - 5-piece Set contains 5 of the smallest fine detail tips
    • The Small Skew is a  general use tip for pyrography, cutting, and fine detail. A very versatile tip, especially for small work. 
    •  The Small Round, is a general pyrography tip for fine detail on small, concave surfaces. It is great for detailing sculpted feathers and for "burning for color" techniques. 
    • A Small Spear is Ideal for miniatures and very fine detail in pyrography. This tip is unique to Razertip. 
    • A Small Chisel is useful for detailing where lines must be terminated at both ends. It works for some small shading, calligraphy, and general pyrography work. 
    • The Small Round Skew is used for extremely fine detail in confined areas and great for fine detail on feathers or hair on sculpted or "bumped" surfaces. It is very popular with more advanced bird and animal carvers. 

Using the Micro Bird Carver's Tip Set

The Razertip bird carvers tips are the perfect accessory for the Binding-Post Interchangeable-tip Pen. These tips are made of high-quality materials and are designed for precision and durability.

The micro tip set is perfect for carvers who want to create fine details on their projects. With these tips, you'll be able to create beautiful, realistic birds with ease.

The Razertip carver tips are also easy to change out, so you can always have the perfect tip for the job.

With the Binding-Post Interchangeable handle, you can be sure that you're always using the best tool for the job.

Razertip's brass brush is the perfect tool for cleaning your tips. The brush is made of durable brass bristles that won't scratch or damage your tips. The brush is also designed to reach into the nooks and crannies of the tip, making sure that all the dirt and debris are removed.

A heavy-duty cord is recommended when using these nibs.

Use a flexible cordand you will need the BPH Pen and you need a wood burning unit. If you don't have a Razertip burner you can still use these but will need an adapter and the BPH Pen to set it up on your own unit.

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