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Russian Forest Scroll Saw Clock Plan

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Introducing the Russian Forest Scroll Saw Clock Plan

Are you a woodworking enthusiast looking for a new and exciting project? Look no further than the Russian Forest Scroll Saw Clock Plan! This intricately designed clock plan will take your scroll saw skills to new heights, allowing you to create a stunning centerpiece for your home.

Crafted by Cherry Tree Toy's Scroll Saw Patterns collection, the Russian Forest Scroll Saw Clock Plan offers a unique and eye-catching design that will impress anyone who lays eyes on it. With its intricate detailing and elegant aesthetics, this clock plan is a true work of art.

The Russian Forest Clock Plan will take your scroll saw skills to new heights. Wood burning is recommended to finish some of the project details, such as the forest scenes with the fox, squirrels, and trees, the rest is scroll sawn. We placed red-colored plastic behind the sides. 

Russian Forest Scroll Saw Clock Plan Suggested Materials:

  • Vertical 3 1/4" Oval Insert.
  •   6' Cord Switch with Standard Mount.
  •  A Triple Socket Set.
  • 4- 1/4" x 16 x 24 Plywood (light colored wood).

Russian Forest Clock Plan Specifications 

  • Dimensions; 21 3/4 inches High by 16 inches wide by 6 1/4 inches deep.

One of the standout features of the Russian Forest Scroll Saw Clock Plan is the clever use of red-colored plastic behind the sides. This adds an extra layer of depth and visual interest to the clock, making it truly stand out from the crowd. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced woodworker, this clock plan is sure to challenge and inspire you.

Not only is the Russian Forest Scroll Saw Clock Plan visually captivating, it is also highly functional. With precise instructions and measurements, you can ensure that your clock works flawlessly and keeps accurate time. Imagine the satisfaction of creating a beautiful piece that not only enhances your home decor but also serves a practical purpose.

When it comes to woodworking projects, having high-quality tools and supplies is essential. That's why we provide a wide range of tools and supplies to help you get started on your woodworking journey. From scroll saws to patterns, they have everything you need to bring your vision to life.

You can browse through various scroll saw clock patterns and discover new designs to fuel your creativity. With endless possibilities, you'll never run out of exciting projects to tackle.

In conclusion, the Russian Forest Scroll Saw Clock Plan is an excellent choice for woodworking enthusiasts who are looking for a challenging and rewarding project. Its intricate design, clever use of materials, and functional features make it a standout piece that will impress anyone who sees it. With the right tools, supplies, and a touch of creativity, you can bring this exquisite clock to life and showcase your woodworking skills.

This is a Scroll Saw Plan which does not include materials or components.
This is a full-size scroll saw plan that comes on paper.
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