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SaburrTooth 3/8" Flame Burr Fine 1/4" Shank

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The yellow SaburrTooth 3/8" x 3/4" Flame Burr Fine Grit 1/4" Shank features a unique open pattern with razor sharp carbide cutting teeth. The flame bur can be used to create concave cuts and v-cuts into recess areas. The SaburrTooth Flame Bur makes a cut similar to a u-gouge when you use the it's side, or a v-cut when you use the tip. 

Saburrtooth rotary tools feature long-lasting, razor-sharp carbide cutting teeth arranged into a unique open pattern to resist "loading" while providing the "Power Carver" rapid stock removal and smoother finishes. This burr is not intended for use on any metal, hard stone or ceramic! Saburrtooth rotary tools are available in many shapes, sizes and textures to suit your carving, grinding, cutting and machining needs.

SaburrTooth 3/8" x 3/4" Flame Burr Fine Grit 1/4" ShankSpecifications:

  • Flame Bur;
    • 3/8" Diameter.
    • 3/4" Head Length.
    • 1/4" Shank.
    • Carbide Cutting Teeth.
    • Yellow Fine Grit.
    • Recommended Operating Speed: 4,000- 25000 RPM.
    • Made in the USA.
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