The Worthington Hall Clock Plan

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The Worthington Hall Clock Plan

The elegant and intricate styling of this hall clock is sure to make it a family heirloom!

This wonderful clock can be made from 2 sheets of 16" x 24" x 1/4" plywood or hardwood of your choice.

Using hardwoods will allow all front grains to run up and down.

A beautiful project that you're going to love!

The Worthington Hall Clock Specifications

Measures 12" wide x 30 1/2" high x 5 1/4" deep.


Hardwood Needed:

2) 6" x 24" boards

1) 8" x 24" board

2) 12" x 24" boards.

Parts required for the Worthington Hall Clock;

2545 Chiming Movement,


2537 NON Chimming Movement.

3629 Non -Hinged 5 1/8" Dial.

2526 Bob.

8903 Hands.

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