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Western Horse Scroll Saw Clock Plan

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The Western Horse Clock Scroll Saw Plan includes a blend of western imagery in its design. This is a good scroll saw project for any skill level.

If you have fallen in love with the west and would like a piece of it for yourself, this scroll saw clock is the perfect gift for yourself or anyone you know.

The Western Horse Clock Scroll Saw Plan Includes

  • Full-Size Scroll Saw Pattern
  • The large clock pattern is 10 1/4" long x 8 " high. The base is 11 3/4" long x 2 1/2" wide.
  • The large pattern without the clock is 10 1/4" long x 6 1/4" high. The base is 11 3/4" long x 2 1/2" wide.
  • The small clock pattern is 6 3/4" long x 5" high. The base for the small clock pattern is 7 3/4" long x 1 1/2" wide.
  • The small pattern without the clock is 6 1/4" long x 4" high. The base is 6 3/4" long x 1" wide

Western Horse Clock Scroll Saw Plan Supply Recommendations

  • 1/4" - 5/8" material of your choice.
  • 1 7/16" clock insert.
  • 2 1/4" clock insert.

This is a Scroll Saw Plan which does not include materials or components.

You will receive a four patterns on two sheets of this paper plan which includes drawings to create your clock.

  • All sales on plans are final. 

Introducing the magnificent Western Horse Scroll Saw Clock Plan, a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that combines the timeless beauty of horses with the intricate craftsmanship of scroll saw art. This unique wall clock is not just a timepiece, but a stunning work of art that captures the spirit and essence of the Old West.

Crafted with meticulous attention to detail, the Western Horse Scroll Saw Clock Plan showcases the grace and power of these majestic creatures. The horse silhouette is carefully cut and shaped from premium quality wood, allowing the natural grain and texture to shine through. The result is a breathtaking display of artistry that will captivate anyone who lays eyes on it.

This scroll saw clock is the perfect size to adorn any wall in your home or office. Whether you're a horse enthusiast, a lover of Western decor, or simply appreciate the beauty of fine craftsmanship, this clock is sure to become a cherished focal point in any space.

But the Western Horse Scroll Saw Clock Plan is not just about aesthetics. It is also a functional timekeeping device that keeps precise track of the hours and minutes. 

What sets this scroll saw clock apart from others is its versatility and customization options. The Western Horse Scroll Saw Clock Plan can be personalized to match your unique style and preferences. Choose from a variety of wood finishes, including oak, walnut, or cherry, to create a clock that seamlessly integrates into your existing decor.

Additionally, if you're feeling particularly adventurous, you can even paint or stain the horse silhouettes to add a pop of color or bring out specific details. The possibilities are endless, allowing you to create a truly bespoke piece that reflects your individual taste.

Whether you're a seasoned woodworker or a novice looking for a rewarding DIY project, the Western Horse Scroll Saw Clock Plan is suitable for all skill levels. The comprehensive step-by-step instructions guide you through the entire construction process, ensuring a successful and satisfying experience. With a little time, patience, and dedication, you'll be able to proudly display your own handcrafted Western Horse Scroll Saw Clock.

Not only is this clock plan a fantastic addition to your own home, but it also makes for an exceptional gift. Imagine the joy and admiration on the face of a friend or loved one as they unwrap this unique and thoughtful present. It's a gift that will be treasured for years to come, serving as a constant reminder of your love and appreciation.

The Western Horse Scroll Saw Clock Plan is designed with durability in mind. The high-quality materials and meticulous craftsmanship ensure that this clock will stand the test of time. It's not just a temporary decoration; it's a lasting piece of art that will continue to bring beauty and functionality to your space for generations.

In conclusion, the Western Horse Scroll Saw Clock Plan is an extraordinary blend of artistry, functionality, and personalization. With its stunning horse silhouette, cowboy boots, and customizable options, this scroll saw clock is a true testament to the beauty of handcrafted woodwork. Whether you're a horse lover, a Western decor enthusiast, or simply appreciate fine craftsmanship, this clock will undoubtedly become a cherished addition to your home or the perfect gift for someone special.


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Warranty Information

All sales are final on woodworking plans. Refunds and warranties are not available.
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    Western Horse Clock

    Posted by Allan Smith on Jan 30, 2020

    Great design. Already have interested people that want this clock.

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