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Wildwood Designs

Wildwood Designs

Wildwood Designs has produced scroll saw patterns since 1981.  There are tons of original scroll saw patterns, along with redrawn renditions of patterns from old times.  Some from HL Wild himself.  

Along with scroll saw patterns, Wildwood Designs has always supplied a full range of scroll saw supplies to include:

  • Scroll Saw Blades.
  • Supplies like sanders & spray adhesive.
  • Lumber.
  • Clock Parts.
  • And tons of other items to keep your scroll sawing going.

In 1999, the Wildwood Designs' owner purchased Cherry Tree Toys from Belmont, Ohio.  The two woodworking supply sister companies worked together to bring scrollers and woodworkers alike unique items, great woodworking plans and much needed supplies to complete each of their projects.  In 2005 CherryTree & Wildwood were brought together under one roof.  This tradition has continued with the merger of the Wildwood & Cherry Tree catalogs in 2008.  While we continue to carry thousands of woodworking and scrolling items, we want you to have the opportunity to purchase them all on one website.  This saves you on shipping and allows a greater selection of scroll sawing and woodworking products all at your fingertips.

Please enjoy all the Wildwood Designs scroll saw patterns, scroll saw blades and scroll saw supplies on our new CherryTree website.  If you can't find something, just contact us! We're here to help just like we have been for the last 35+ years.