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10 Wire and Canvas Decoy Patterns For Carvers

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10 Wire and Canvas Decoy Patterns For Carvers

By Al Streetman

Let Al Streetman lead you through the art of Decoy making. Weather your a beginner or more advance you'll find something of interest here. The advantage of making decoys with a small amount of wood, wire and canvas, it that they are light weight.There are step-by-step  carving instructions which guide you through construction of the body , head,to finishing each project.This book includes 10 different breeds, general reference  charts, and sources of supplies. Al has listed a particular sizes of gouges through each different step of the carving project. He'll guide you through tracing the patterns,and laying it out on wood. Also included are general painting suggestions for all patterns, with a list of color schemes . You can add feather strokes, and blend more color shifts to get the decoy to look just the way you want. He demonstrates how to antique the decoy for a weathered look. 


10 Wire and Canvas Decoy Patterns For Carvers:

  • Canada Goose.
  • Decorative Swan.
  • Canvasback.
  • Redhead.
  • American Golden Eye.
  • Bufflehead.
  • Hooded Merganser.
  • Mallard.
  • Pintail.

10 Wire and Canvas Decoy Patterns For Carvers Book Specification:

  • Softcover.
  • 64 Pages.
  • Author, Al Streetman.
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