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17/32" Brass Tube

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Brass tube may be the bread and butter of the K&S brand, but its versatility and durability make it a staple for any project. From plumbing to knife making, this corrosion-resistant metal tubing is ready for any tough conditions you can throw at it.

Thanks to its range of applications, professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike can trust brass tube to handle any project with ease. Whether you're adding marine hardware or creating original home decor, the possibilities for brass tube are practically limitless. And with round brass tubing, you have the freedom to carve unique shapes, such as flowers, stems, cat tails, corn stalks, and more, making it an essential tool for any crafter.

Looking for a new project to tackle? Look no further than this round brass tube measuring at 17/32" OD x 0.014" Wall x 12" Long. With its versatile size, this tube is perfect for leg reinforcements or other ornamental items.

Regardless of your level of woodworking experience, this brass tubing is easy to cut with a grinder, hack saw, or even a bandsaw. Get creative and see where this brass tube can take you. The possibilities are endless!

17/32" Brass Tube Specifications

  • This is a round brass tube.
  • The outside diameter is 17/32 inches with a 0.014 inch wall.
  • This brass tube is 12 inches long.
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