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2" Thin Wooden Toy Wheels

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0.35 LBS
Package Quantity:
  • The face of a 2" wooden toy wheel.
  • A pile of 2" wooden toy wheels facing upward.
  • A pair of 2" wood toy wheels showing the edge of the wheel and design.
  • A group of 2" wood toy wheels.
  • Two of the 2 inch Wooden toy wheels with the faced sides up.
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Use our Thin Wood Toy Wheels for all your toy-making and model-making needs.

Sold in Packages of 12

The 2" Thin wood toy wheel is one of our most popular wheels.

Great for cars, trains, planes, and other woodworking projects!

Thin Wood Toy Wheel 2" Specifications

  • 2" Diameter
  • 5/8" Thickness
  • 3/8" Hole
  • Package of 12

Thin Wood Toy Wheel 2" Suggestions:

The Thin Wood Toy Wheel 2" will work great with the following items that have been tested by the staff at Cherry Tree Toys.

  • Wood Toy Oil (Finish your projects with toy oil for a nontoxic finish)
  • #323 Axle Peg (Our Choice, a perfect match!)
  • #10 Axle Peg (Also a very nice fit)


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