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29 Angel Patterns for Carvers

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29 Angel Patterns for  Carvers 

This book represents a folk art approach to angel carving. Angels have been a constant source of mystery and fascination. These delightful figurines  are full of fun and goodwill.  You will enjoy a heavenly delightful project , Al Streetman has a reputation as a caricature carver.  He will provide you enough patterns for a host of angels, with step-by-step instructions, about carving, painting , and antiquing. Its a perfect book for a new carver looking for the wisdom of experience and for the veteran carver seeking new ideas and techniques. You will always get to take the maximum advantage of the wood grain for the easiest methods of carving. They make perfect gifts for the Christmas Holiday , or those who sell their crafts. It will draw people to their table in droves. 

Carving 29 Angels with Al Streetman

  • 64 pages.
  • 29 carving patterns .
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