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7 Watt Red Blinker Bulb

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0.10 LBS


Looking for a red blinker bulb?

Craft enthusiasts, this is the perfect bulb for your small craft projects! The Red Blinker Bulb is a colored bulb that is perfect for those small craft projects. This bulb has a red tint and will give your project a vibrant look.

The Red Blinker Bulb is perfect for small craft projects that use these colored bulbs. With this bulb, you can have more control over the color of your project. 

Whether you are using it for a school project or a personal project, this bulb will help you achieve the look you are going for.

We have the perfect red blinker bulb for your needs! Our bulbs are made with high-quality materials and are designed to last.

Not only does this bulb provide a great color option, but it is also energy efficient. With this bulb, you can have the best of both worlds – a great color choice and energy efficiency.

We know that safety is important to you, so we offer a variety of features that will make you feel safe and secure while using our products. Our bulbs are easy to install and are compatible with a variety of projects.

 Blinker Bulb Specifications

  • 7 Watt Blinker Bulb 
  • Total length - 2.146 inches
  • Bulb length - 1.525 inches
  • Bulb width - 0.90
  • Screw thread contact length  with electrical foot contact- 0.60
  • Screw thread contact width - 0.447 inches
  • Color -Red

Order your Red Blinker Bulb today and start your next small craft project with ease!


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