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8" Brass Straight Pipe

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Are you looking for a brass pipe to build a lamp?

8" Brass Straight Pipe is the perfect piece for your next lamp project. It has a threaded end on the top and bottom, making it easy to connect with other pieces. The outside diameter is .37 inches, making it easy to hold, and the inside diameter is .27 inches, providing a snug fit for your lightbulb.

We know you're looking for a quality brass pipe that will make your lamp project a success. That's why we're proud to offer this 8" Brass Straight Pipe. It's made of brass, ensuring durability and longevity, and it's threaded to make connecting with other pieces a breeze. 

Do you want to know what the benefits are of using a straight pipe on lamps?

There are many benefits to using a straight pipe on lamps. Some of these benefits include making it easier to thread the wire through a sturdy straight pipe and a more streamlined look.

Some people like to read books at night, but it’s hard to see the words in a book if there’s no light. So people invented lamps. They take electricity and turn it into the light. You can make a lamp out of lots of different things. Some people use a bowl or a bottle. But you can also use a brass pipe to hide the wires! All you need is a light bulb, a cord, and a switch.

Simply thread one end of each wire through the hole in the bottom of the pipe. 

8" Brass Straight Pipe Specifications

  • 8" Brass Straight Pipe
  • Threaded end of the top:  0.5 inches
  • Threaded of the  bottom:  .75 inches
  • Outside diameter: .37
  • Inside diameter:  .27

 So don't wait any longer, order your 8" Brass Straight Pipe today! 

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