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An Introduction To Calligraphy

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An Introduction To Calligraphy

This book explains the basics of Calligraphy, starting with pens inks and writing surfaces, plus filling the pen and holding the nib at the correct angle. The reader will learn with clear instructions and 129 photos, including practice exercises which help you understand upstrokes, downstrokes, optical center, to master the style.

There is a  chronological introduction with five major styles of Western Script, beginning with the Roman Unical script of around 600 BCE and covers several important scripts that developed in the later centuries. The book explains each style, history, and characteristics, teaching the correct formation of each letter, and offers suggestions and tips.

This is a fantastic book if you want to learn all-capitol Unical script, or create an amazing wine list with it. You can try Gothic Textura for a calendar, Chancery for a letterhead design, or English for a greeting card. 

An Introduction To Calligraphy Teaches These Graphic Shapes:  

  • Unical.
  • Carolingian.
  • Humanistic.
  • Gothic.
  • Bastarada.
  • Chancery.
  • Cursive.

An Introduction To Calligraphy Book Specifications:

  • Hardcover.
  • 80 Pages.
  • Preface by Roger Druet.
  • Photos  by Laurent Geneslay.
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