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Badger Airbrush

Badger Air Opaque Cleaner

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Badger Air Opaque Cleaner

Your Badger Airbrush is a precision instrument that needs special attention and should always be cleaned with the proper solvent. Badger created a special Air Opaque Cleaner. For colors and water based paint, disassemble the airbrush and soak the components in the Opaque cleaner for a brief amount of time, then simply wipe clean with a paper towel. To clean airbrush, insert specially designed nozzle-cap and spray directly into airbrush orifice while air brush is operating. Always clean your airbrush after every use and use. The Badger Air Opaque Cleaner is for airbrushes, technical pens and artist's brushes.

Badger Air Opaque Cleaner is available in two sizes;

  • 4oz.
  • 16oz.
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