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Badger Airbrush

Badger Air Regulator, Filter & Gauge

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1.30 LBS


Badger Air Regulator, Filter & Gauge

The Badger Air Regulator, Filter & Gauge fits any air compressor with standard 1/4"  fitting. It attaches between the compressor and the air hose. It has a small rod that is supposed to be depressed to empty the filter. These air line filters are heavy duty units and used to remove airborne impurities from the air supply line. The units are equipped with vein like deflectors and drain valves. The deflector plate creates a swirling action to the air stream assuring the vapor liquid separator for all air flow rates. The filter element with an extra large surface allows fine filtration with low pressure drops.  The air regulator assists the air over the tip of the needle of the airbrush to keep moisture out of the airbrush.  The Pressure regulator will provide all the control you need. The filter will remove moisture that tends to build up while airbrush is in use. The Gauge will insure the air pressure is maintained between 18 and 30psi. More pressure reduces control and poses safety hazards. Made in the USA.

Badger Air Regulator, Filter & Gauge Specifications:

  • Air Regulator.
  • Filter.
  • Guage.
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