Basswood Plates

  • A flat basswood plate with a beaded rim around the outside edge.

    Basswood Beaded Flat Plate

    Make a statement with our clear top of line quality basswood beaded flat plates.  Each flat plate is about 13/16" thick and they come in a variety of sizes. Choose from small to pretty large!  These are super clear and are perfect for chip...

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  • A turned basswood bowl.

    Basswood Bowl

    Imagine the possibilities with these 1 1/2" deep basswood bowls.  Embellish as you please for a one of a kind gift.  Carve them, burn them, paint them!  Put a different spin on your projects today with one of these basswood bowls...

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  • Basswood plate with a bead on the outside edge of the rim of the plate and another bead on inner edge of the rim of the plate and a sunken center.

    Basswood Double Beaded Rim Plate

    The basswood double beaded rim plates are pretty enough by themselves!  Add a little chip carving, relief carving or woodturning and you'll have a spectacular piece.  These basswood double beaded plates are also great for painting and other diy...

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  • A 12" basswood pedestal bowl assembled. A look at the top of the basswood pedestal bowl.

    Basswood Pedestal Bowl

    Basswood Pedestal Bowl Make a centerpiece that is noticed at your family gatherings whether they are large or small.  Our basswood pedestal bowl is perfect for displaying fruit and all kinds of other goodies.  Carve a special design in it or...

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  • The different sizes of the basswood plain edge scoop plates. A flat basswood plate with scooped edges.

    Basswood Plain Edge Scoop Plate

    Our Basswood Plain Edge Scoop plates are carving grade with minimal knots or defects.  Smooth sanded surfaces.  The plates are measured by the outside diameter of the plate.  They are great for carving, burning, painting, guilding and more...

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  • A basswood plate with a flat outside rim and a slight dishing of the center of the plate.

    Basswood Rim Plate

    Choose the elegance of a Basswood Rim Plate for your next carving, wood burning or painting project.  Our basswood rim plates are available in many sizes.  They are a clear quality carving grade plate that is smooth sanded and ready to work...

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  • A scalloped edge on a flat basswood plate.

    Basswood Scalloped Flat Plate

    Enjoy painting, burning, carving or decorating these flat basswood scalloped plates!  These basswood plates are made from Northern basswood where some of the best basswood available is used for a nice clear plate with no knots.  You can easily...

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  • An oval flat basswood plate with scalloped edges.

    Basswood Scalloped Oval Plate

    Make a statement whether it be a serving plate, a sign, souvenir, gift or beautiful piece of art.  The basswood scalloped oval plates will have everyone's attention.  These are made from northern basswood that is clear and of the utmost quality...

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  • A basswood rimmed plate with a scalloped design on the outside edge of the plate.

    Basswood Scalloped Rim Plate

    Add flare to your plates with a scalloped rim.  The beautiful plates feature a rim plate with a small scoop in the center and a scalloped edge.  They are made from northern basswood that is clear and ready to carve.  Use the basswood...

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