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Basswood Santa #1

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0.43 LBS
  • A basswood turning.
  • A basswood Santa turning.
  • A basswood turning laying down.
  • A wood turning with a ball shape on bottom and hat like top.
  • A wooden turning tipped over.


Working with a basswood Santa #1 turning is an incredibly rewarding project for any woodcarver.

This 5 3/4" high figurine provides endless possibilities from simple and delicate details to complex expressions, there are no limits to what you can carve. Crafting a custom Santa is a great way to get creative and develop skill in working with woodworking tools.

Whether you’re looking to create something charming and whimsical or something intricate and detailed, there’s no mistaking the joy of creating your very own work of art. With such a diverse range of techniques available, why not challenge yourself and see what amazing things you can make with this small sized Santa?

Basswood Santa Turning Specs:

  • 100% premium American basswood.
  • Made in the USA.
  • A diameter of 3.31" at the widest part of the turning.
  • Stands on a flat bottom about 5 3/4" high.
  • Unfinished.

This turning is featured in Kelley Stadelman's book: Christmas Carvings from Commercial Turnings


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