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Basswood Small Tree Turning

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0.15 LBS
  • A basswood tree shape turning standing upright.
  • A basswood turning laying on its side with a view of its flat bottom.
  • A downward view of a basswood turning showing the conical shape and beaded ribs.
  • A basswood turning on its side showing the beaded rings and angles of the turning.


The Basswood Small Tree Turning, is a compact yet versatile piece of craftsmanship that is perfect for hobbyists and professionals alike. This unique item measures approximately 1 7/8" in diameter and stands about 4" high, making it an ideal size for various creative projects.

Crafted from the finest Northern American Basswood, this product boasts a quality that is second to none. The wood has been kiln dried to ensure durability and ease of use, providing you with a sturdy base for all your creations.

This Basswood Small Tree Turning is not just for carving; it's also excellent for wood burning, painting, and crafting something truly unique. Its smooth surface and natural grain make it a joy to work with, allowing your creativity to flow freely.

Proudly made in the USA, this Basswood Small Tree Turning embodies local craftsmanship and dedication to quality. Whether you're a seasoned woodworker or just starting out, this product promises to be a valuable addition to your craft supplies. Let your imagination run wild with the possibilities this piece offers!

Basswood Small Tree Specifications:

  • 1 7/8 at the largest diameter.
  • About 4" tall.
  • Sits on a flat bottom.
  • Basswood.
  • Handmade is the USA.
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