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Bird Carving Basics: Tools

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 Bird Carving basics with Curtis J. Badger

Featuring spectacular photos in a detailed step-by-step format. Bird Carving Basics: Tools includes chapters on traditional tools and their uses, decorative carving tools, safety, and picking the right wood for your project. Some tools remove wood faster than others such as some are more efficient, and others are used to extract masses of wood, others are intended just enough to create small little details. Old time decoy makers use somewhat unsophisticated woodworking tools such as sharp hatchet, drawnife, spokeshave, chisel and straightedge.When using those tools you can create a magnificent hunting decoy in a short amount of time. Carvers should match the  rite tool for the rite job, and that is the purpose for this book.  So much information you can  learn about carving birds with the basics.

Bird Carving Basics Book Specifications:

  • Softcover
  • 79 pages.
  • 175 Black & White Photos. 
  • Author, Curtis J. Badger.
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