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Bob-White Quail Study Cast

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Bob-White Quail Study Cast

If you are carving a Bob-White Quail  , The Bob-White Quail Study cast is a perfect complement to your carving.  Use this study cast to improve your carving and painting skills.  The fine details on the Bob-White Quail  Study Cast  that is made from resin will give you a visual as to how to carve your own Bob-White Quail  .  

 Bob-White Quail Study Cast Specs:

  • 2/3 Size.
  • Guge Study Cast.
  • By Bob & Josh Guge.
  • Exact replica of a 2/3 size Bob-White Quail   carving made by the Guge's.

Practice painting with the Bob-White Quail Study Cast by using acrylic paints.  The study casts can be cleaned with denatured alcohol to remove the paint and then you will be ready to try painting again.  

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