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Bufflehead Hen Study Bill

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0.12 LBS
  • The left side of a Bufflehead hen study bill.
  • The two pewter pieces of the bufflehead hen study bill.
  • The right side of a Bufflehead hen study bill.
  • The bottoms of each of the pieces in the bufflehead hen study bill.


Bufflehead Hen Study Bill are extremely important part of your carving. The pewter will not split or crack like the others.

 The Bufflehead Hen is a sea duck with a large head and smaller bill, with a white wedge on the side of it's cheek. The Bufflehead Hen is the smallest American duck with it's size ranging from 13-16 inches long, and weighing 10-22 ounces. 

 Carving the Bufflehead Hen is great for the beginner carver because of it's small size. It's helpful to have reference photos of the  Hen while setting the bill. 

To set and attach the Bufflehead Hen Study Bill simply apply a small amount of Apoxie Sculpt or Fixit Sculpt to bond the bill to the Hen.

Bufflehead Hen Study Bill Specifications:

  • Pewter.
  • Top piece; 1.5" x .5".
  • Bottom piece; 1.4" x .5".
  • Made in the USA. 
  • 2 Pieces.
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