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Caboose & Tanker Play Structure Plans

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  • A wooden caboose and tanker play structure with kids playing inside it.
  • Get on board this tanker and caboose play structure like these kids after it is built.


If you're looking for an interesting and challenging project that will keep your kids entertained for hours on end, then you may want to consider building them a Kid's wood caboose and tanker play structure. These plans are relatively easy to follow even if you don't have any prior woodworking experience.

The set of plans includes the plan for the caboose car play structure and the tanker play structure. Other plans are available to add to your train like the locomotive and a coal car.

Here are the details of each of the cars that are included with this set of plans.

Tanker Car Play Structure Woodworking Plan

Building a play structure is often the most expensive and time-consuming part of your backyard makeover. But what if you could save both money and time?

A tanker car play structure can be made from common lumber - and it's easy to build!  This one-of-a-kind backyard addition will provide hours of fun for your children.

Don't spend another day dreaming about the perfect play structure - build it yourself with our easy-to-follow plans!

When you finish building the tanker car play structure it will be 49" tall, over 110" long and 48" Deep.

Wood Required for the Tanker Car Play Structure

-To make the tanker car play structure, you will need four 4" x 8' long landscape timbers

-You will also need twenty-one 8' long deck boards

-You will need one 2x6 x 10' long board

-You will need three 2X6 x 8' long boards

-You will need seven 2X4 x 8' long boards

-You will need two 2X2 x 6' long boards

-And lastly, you will need one 24" x 48" sheet of plywood (1/2" thick exterior grade, good one or two sides, preferably 5-ply for better stability)

Tools you'll need to complete the Tanker Play Structure

You'll need a table saw or circular saw, a jig-saw (to cut the curves and circles) and basic items like a drill to screw it all together, tape measure and square.

Caboose Play Structure Woodworking Plan

Are you looking for a fun and unique play structure for your backyard? How about a caboose play structure? This woodworking plan will show you how to build a sturdy, walk-thru design that is perfect for kids. With just common deck lumber, you can have this caboose up and running in no time!

Sitting on the tracks at 100" long and 75" tall with a depth of 48" there will be plenty of time and room for your kids to sit on the train and look out the windows.


Materials you'll need to build the Caboose

Do you have kids who love trains? If so, they're going to love playing on your new caboose play structure! This fun structure is easy to build, using just a few simple materials. You'll need four 4" x 8' long landscape timbers, thirty-six 8' long deck boards, three 2X8 x 8' long boards, five 2X6 x 8' long boards, thirteen 2X4 x 8' long boards, and one 24" x 48" sheet of plywood (1/2" thick exterior grade).

You'll also need a drill, saw, screw gun, measuring tape, level, and square.

Building a train play structure for your kids is a great way to keep them entertained and active. These plans are easy to follow, even if you don't have any prior woodworking experience. Plus, the finished product will be a sturdy, unique addition to your backyard. So what are you waiting for? Get started on your train play structure today!


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