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Carving a Kid Size Rocking Horse

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Carving a Kid’s Size Rocking Horse 

Let Tom Wolfe guide the carver through the process of constructing and carving a "Kids Size" rocking horse. Instructions and illustrations will enable even a novice carver to complete the project. Every step is provided for carving a rocking horse, from cutting the lumber through carving, assembling and painting or staining. Measured drawings are included plus a pattern for a smaller toy version of the rocking horse. This is a fantastic book if your looking to carve a Kids Rocking Horse starting with basswood boards or your own choice of wood. Use these illustrations and knowledge of Tom Wolfe to create your very own rocking horse which are a little different than normal. This is a book that can lead the carver to create wonderful memories with a cherished carving you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Carving A Kids' Rocking Horse with Tom Wolfe Includes These Patterns:

  • Standing Horse with Runners.
  • Large Standing Horse.
  • Toy Rocking Horse.


Carving a Kid's Rocking Horse with Tom Wolfe Book Specifications: 

  • 250 Color Photographs.
  • 64 Pages.
  • Text Written by Douglas Congdon-Martin.
  • Photographed by Douglas Congdon-Martin.
  • Publisher, Schiffer.
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