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Carving Award Winning Songbirds

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Carving Award Winning Songbirds

 Carving Award Winning Songbirds with Lori Corbett guides the reader through carving songbirds with excellent illustrations. Her step-by-step projects go beyond the usual because of the expanded amount of text accompanying each picture. Lori has provided  a listing of various burs along with how they are used, and personal insight into tools, woodburners and use of paints, sealers and gesso.

 Carving Award Winning Songbirds is loaded with information on  Anatomy, texturing, setting eyes, making feet, painting and making a clay model are all covered. There the three complete projects, each 40-50 pages long, on Mountain Bluebird, Cedar Waxwing, and Red Breasted Nuthatch. 

Carving Award Winning Songbirds Contains;

  • Tools And Materila List.
  • Anatomy .
  • Songbird Basics.
  • Making Legs and Feet.
  • Mountain Bird Project.
  • Cedar Waxing Project.
  • Red Breasted Nuthatch Project.

Carving Award Winning Songbirds Specifications:

  • Soft Cover.
  • 248 Pages.
  • Author; Lori Corbett.
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