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Carving Golfers

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Carving Golfers

Carving Golfers with Author Bill Howrilla captures the joys and frustration of the worlds greatest game! The faces you'll learn to carve are absolutely remarkable, from happy to mad and the perfect form to judging the distance. There is one  project with pattern and illustared photographs to help guide you through the step-by-step instructions. Bill provides instructions for bandsawing, roughing, painting and a few finshing techniques.

Carving Golfers Patterns:

  • Judging The Distance.
  • Perfect Form.
  • Concentration.
  • No Sweat.
  • Geez!
  • Yes!
  • What the ...?!
  • Lining it up.
  • Now Way.
  • Please Oh Please!
  • On Par.

Carving Golfers Specifications:

  • Soft Cover.
  • 75 Pages.
  • Author: Bill Howrilla.


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