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Carving Mountain Men with Cleve Taylor

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Carving Mountain Men with Cleve Taylor

Cleve Taylor guides you through carving mountain men of years gone bye. There are  clear yet concise illustrated instructions  with over 225 color photographs. He teaches the wood carver through every step plus which tools are needed to make these cute little figures from the past.

When your basswood figure is carved , he will lead you through painting and antiquing to complete mountain man and miniature rifle. Patterns included with instructions to carve mountain man  wearing a buckskin shirt and pants and animal hat holding a knife and rifle.

The mountain man is a challenge for the carver who has had a few courses under the belt and a delight for the more advanced wood carver. There is a ton of detail such as carving the eyes nose and mouth, hair in this carving which Cleve will guide you through with step-by-step illustrations.

Use the knowledge and illustrations of Cleve Taylor to create your very own mountain man that will stand out from other carvings. Start with a block of basswood and progress to a carving you'll be proud of.

Carving Mountain Men with Cleve Taylor Patterns.

  • 4 Head patterns with various views.
  • Body front and side view.
  • Hand.
  • Rifle.

Carving Mountain Men with Cleve Taylor Book Specifications

  • Softcover.
  • 64 Pages.
  • Author, Cleve Taylor.
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