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Chavant Professional 2# Plastline Clay

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2.54 LBS


Chavant Professional 2# Plastline Clay

When you want to work out your next carving project before touching the wood, this is the type of clay a lot of folks use. You can work out all the details, measurements and layout beforehand so that once you start carving, you will know where you are headed. This is the clay that can be used over and over again. Or if you are wanting to use your sculpted piece as a master when doing roughouts on a duplicating machine, you can harden the surface by applying multiple coats of the cream colored woodworking glue (i.e. Titebond, Elmers, etc.)


Chavant Professional 2# Plastline Clay Approx Dimensions:

  •  5" long
  •  3" wide
  •  2.25 high
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